Who we are:

We are postdocs and research scientists representatives from each of the six schools in the CoS!

Our history:

The CoS Research Faculty Advisory Council (RFAC) was launched by CoS Dean Susan Lozier and Assoc. Dean Julia Kubanek in 2020.

Our Purpose: 

  • Provide a greater sense of community among research faculty
  • Serve as a liaison between the Research Faculty and the College of Sciences
  • Enable feedback to and about the College of Sciences on issues of relevance to Research Faculty
  • Propose strategies and opportunities that empower and support the Research Faculty
  • Provide an open forum for sharing information, opportunities, and challenges facing research faculty.

Current Members:


  • Kavitha Arur, Physics
  • Avery Bell, Biological Sciences
  • Jessica Bowman, Chemistry
  • Austin Christian, Mathematics
  • Daniel Cruz, Mathematics
  • Stephanie Gage, Physics
  • Jeremy Harris, Biological Sciences
  • Abouzar Kaboudian, Physics
  • Miriam Kuzbary, Mathematics
  • Geoffrey McKinley, Psychology
  • Anna Österholm, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Hussein Sayani, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Brittany Ross, Biological Sciences
  • Liangjun Zhao, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Call for volunteers (Contact us)

If you are interested in volunteering as a member of the RFAC, please contact us. We sometimes fill positions regardless of school affiliation.