Research Faculty Slack Channel

Welcome to this Slack workspace for research faculty (postdocs and research scientists) in Georgia Tech’s College of Sciences. This Slack is reserved for research faculty only to serve as an unofficial place to building community, bring up conversation, and offer support. The Slack is moderated and administered only by the CoS Research Faculty Advisory Council.

Before you get started…

  • Read and commit to standing by our Code of Conduct for this Slack (“pinned” to the top of the #announcementschannel and attached as a PDF to the email that invited you to this Slack). By joining the Slack you are agreeing to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Getting started with the RFAC Slack

  • About our slack: here is the document on our Dropbox; can also be found pinned in #announcements channel.
  •  Download Slack
  • Slack introductory resources (including links to video)
  • To update your profile: 
    1. Click on your name (i.e. in ‘directmessages’ or wherever you see it),
    2. Click editprofile’. Add your preferred name, pronouns, job/labinfo, and profile photo-or (whateversubset of this information you’re comfortable with).
  • Introduce yourself in the #introductionschannel! Keep checking this channel to get to know your fellow research faculty.
  • Join other existing channels that interest you!
  • Join one of our coffee meetups or post an event on the slack